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RRjr_20091206_mtbeacon_028Winter Paradise, Mt Beacon Summit

Our first real snow of the year got me out of bed and onto the trail by 6AM. With the late sunrise this time of year, I actually get to have a relaxed breakfast before heading out – green tea and an oat bar. Conditions were ideal, with about 3-4 inches on the ground in the higher elevations, and the trees were coated with a beautiful layer of snow, which reflects the warm light of sunrise and making me forget for a moment how cold it really is.

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After about an hour hike with my backpack and tripod, I reached my destination, the highest point on Mt Beacon at about 1508 ft. The view was as I expected, spectacular and inspiring. These are the emotions I work with as I setup a composition, looking for ways to share my excitement, even in the cold wind.

These are all conditions I seek in winter photography, knowing that they contain the potential for great images. Yet, it’s the execution of your vision that makes the difference, and how that happens is still something I’m learning and improving each time I go out. One thing I know for sure, no matter how many times I question my decision to volunteer for frozen toes and fingers, I’m always rewarded with great experiences I’d miss otherwise – well worth it for me.

RRjr_20091206_mtbeacon_006Early Light, Mt Beacon


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