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I’m getting ready to teach a Fine Art Printing Workshop in a few hours, so I thought I would share the mind map  I use as an outline for everything I cover during the workshop.  I’m a big user and believer in mind maps for laying out ideas, concepts, tasks, projects, business plans, marketing plans – basically anything that allows me to visualize ideas and thoughts. Ever since I started using them, I find I’m much more organized in the multitude of projects I have going on at any one time, and because I certainly prefer to visualize ideas, they work perfectly for my way of getting things done.

Below is the current mind map for the workshop – it certainly changes and evolves as I teach and learn from the workshops. It should give you a pretty good idea of what you’d learn in a workshop like this.

If you can’t see the mind map, here is a direct link.


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  1. Robert,
    I think I am going to move to Beacon so I can engage in all your workshops. Looks like another good workshop and presentation for all your students. I just signed up for MindMeister-looks to be a very useful tool for mapping out just about anything you want to get on paper before you lose your mind!

    1. Would love to have you in Beacon! And yes I’ve been meaning to write more about mind mapping, but as usual time gets the better of me. Hope it helps you in your goals.


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