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One of the great things about the latest digital printing technologies are all of the new materials that are available to print on. Not limited to just traditional paper, there are many options to display photographs in unique, interesting, and affordable ways. I pay very close attention to this area of the industry, and when I heard about PhotoTex mural material from Lexjet, I ordered a few rolls right away. I knew it would provide opportunities for current and future customers that want a great looking and easy to install presentation in their homes or offices.

I’ve had great success with PhotoTex, notably in a local coffee shop in my hometown of Beacon, NY, and most recently in a dental office that wanted to bring the feel of the Hudson River into their rather sterile environment. After helping Dr. Ricardo Rios, the owner of Middle Hope Family Dental, chose an appropriate image for his main exam room (which was challenging due to an existing window), I printed the image in three separate pieces to cover the entire 12 1/2 floor wide wall.

When printing the mural, I overlap each piece slightly to avoid an unsightly seam, and add an alignment mark at the top and bottom to make sure the finished piece looks even and natural. Finally, I setup a time when the office was closed, and installed it being careful to align each piece perfectly. PhotoTex is extremely easy to work with since it has an adhesive backing which is strong, but allows for repositioning and doesn’t damage the wall when removed.

The finished mural looks great, and patients have expressed approval, especially in terms of making them feel more relaxed and comfortable. I only wish I had installed the mural before I had my wisdom too extracted a few weeks ago!

I’m really excited about promoting these types of installations, especially in healthcare environments where I’ve always believed nature can promote  healthy mental and physical well being. When the nature is local and familiar to the community, it is that much more effective.

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  1. Robert,
    Awesome display of your work. Going to the dentist may become not such an ordeal if they have your work to look at. I take it the wall has to be in pretty good shape, or imperfections will show up. It probably also depends on your subject matter. Your photo in the coffee house also looks very nice. Very rewarding to be able to walk into these places and see your work hanging for all to enjoy. How long did it take you to hang the mural in the dentist office?
    Take care,

    1. Thanks as always Dick – yes it helps if the wall is smooth, however PhotoTex is somewhat flexible, and will cover some imperfections. For instance, in the dental office the wall was actually painted wood paneling, and the mural does not show the grooves in the paneling at all. It really is great stuff to work with. Color and detail is very good (though not as accurate as paper, but it didn’t bother me at all). It took about 45 mins to hang the mural in the coffee shop, and about 2 hours in the dental office (more cutting and trimming).


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