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After what seemed like a long winter, my 2010 art show schedule kicks off at the Lyndhurst Art & Crafts Show this weekend. This year I’ll be exhibiting in a double space which will allow me to display some larger canvas prints up to 54″ wide.

I’ll also be showing some new products including Limited Edition Folios – basically 10 hand made prints on really nice fine art paper inside of a custom folder. Each also includes a page of  text with my personal feelings about the collection. I have three collections right now – Hudson Valley, Acadia National Park, and Trees and I’m only making 25 of each collection. Each is comprised of images I feel best represent my passion for each of these locations. (Let’s just say I’ve been very busy during the winter!). I’ll have more details on these folios in an upcoming post.

The first art show of the year is always an adventure for me – getting everything ready, trying new ideas, improving on the presentation, and all of the other details that I think are essential for a successful weekend. But some things never change, and most important is treating every visitor with kindness and respect, and letting them decide for themselves whether the work speaks to them or not.

While I believe in lending a helping hand, I also adhere to the philosophy that I should stay out of the way and let the images do the speaking for me. If it doesn’t grab someone, then great – it’s a genuine experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity either way. Perhaps I lose a few sales with this approach, but it’s the only way I know how to share my work – with honesty and humility.

There’s so much negativity in this world without having to add to the noise – my hope is that for a weekend I can help someone experience something genuine and heartfelt – the beauty of nature and the power it has to shift our reality in positive ways we never imagined.

If you in the area, please stop and for a visit – as they say “mi casa es su casa!

Crafts at Lyndhurst
Friday -Sunday, April 30 – May 2

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