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Tide and Sky, Hudson RiverCanon 1DS Mk III, 6 sec, f/16, ISO 100, 17-40mm L

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  1. Robert, what time of the day is this taken? Do you decide the timing on something like this by considering the light at that time of day? I’m sure that’s kind of a silly question but I feel like I miss so many shots by not getting that concept right. Oh and of course, love the photo:)

    1. Great question Nancy, and I will write an article about is soon. But the short answer is that a majority of the images I make are definitely planned to consider direction and quality of light, best time of the day, subject matter, and other factors. This is where scouting really pays off, as well as being familiar with the location that you are photographing. In this case, I had visited the day before and had visualized what I wanted the image to look like, including composition and design elements (which I teach in detail in my workshops). Of course we are always at the mercy of mother Nature, so I am always open to improvising and being open to the moment. But preparation is critical, and that often makes the difference between a “lucky” shot, and an image that defines your particular style.

      BTW, this image was made about 15-20 min after sunset.

      Hope that helps, and look out for a more in-depth article in the future.


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