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I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and all of his great books. He also has a great blog which I read regularly, and recently one of his posts made me think about fear versus determination and how it relates to success in any endeavor.

I recently wrote about what I thought it takes to succeed as a landscape photographer, yet in my experience determination continues to be the single most important factor. Beyond technical ability, talent, experience, or many other important qualities that play a vital role, sheer will trumps them all in my book.

“Once the determination is in your eyes, the learning will take care of itself. If I can see the fear in your eyes, then I’m not sure that learning alone will take care of the problem. No one can prove that the path you’re on is risk free or guaranteed to work. Searching for more proof is futile. Searching for more determination makes more sense.” – Seth Godin

If you’re determined, anything is possible.

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