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I’m on the road today to Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia for a week of hiking, cycling, and of course landscape photography. I’ve never visited this part of Canada, so I’m really excited about exploring the coastline and mountains in the region. I’m looking to add more images to my collection of seascapes, and will also be working on star trails and time lapse videos.

I’ll try to post updates and photos here on a regular basis, but it will depend on internet access in this rather remote part of Nova Scotia. I’ve driven 12 hours today, and I have another 5 tomorrow before I arrive at the cabin I’m “borrowing”. More to come soon including what gear I packed, and how I process and backup my RAW files remotely.

Unfortunately the August Desktop Wallpaper will be late due to the fact I just plain forgot with all the preparations and packing for this trip.  Sorry for the delay!

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  1. Very interested to hear about your workflow while you’re on the road. I am heading to Acadia in three weeks and would love to hear how you handling everything when you are off site.

    By the way, very excited for your star trails.

  2. Hope you enjoy your time on the Island, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need advice or hints of things to see and do while you’re here. Hopefully you will find our internet access pretty good. It has been a big task over the last number of years, and i believe Victoria County is considered one of the most connected communities in the world. If you are looking for seascapes and time lapse video, i would recommend trying to catch a sunrise overlooking a bay or harbour such as St. Ann’s along the Cabot Trail. With the temp this time of year, it can have some nice effects with the dew and sometimes fog.
    Have fun and can’t wait to see your results!


    1. Much appreciated Dan – I will look for those spots, but so far I am overwhelmed with the scenery and potential on both sides of the island. Looking forward to many visits in the future.

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