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So far I am in awe of this place, so much to experience and photograph, it is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. I have been spending 14 hours plus in the field scouting, hiking, and trying yo get a feel for the area. It is beautiful and the scenery is very enjoyable, but it is hard work nonetheless. Here are a few images from the trip so far, as well as a video I posted on Facebook. More soon…

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  1. Hi Robert,
    A friend sent me your email version because I grew up in Cape Breton. You’ve taken some beautiful photographs. If you have time, be sure to see the Margaree River and Valley, which is in the southern part of the Cabot Trail. The town of Baddeck and area (central in the island). And also the Highland Village Museum in Iona (southeast on the island). Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks for the info and tips Diane – I’m not sure I will have the time on this trip to visit those areas (enjoying the national park way too much) but I am planning a return trip in the fall, so will keep those high in my list. This place can be addicting to a nature photographer, I’m really glad I visited, now I have to get to know it like a local!

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