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I’m in Acadia National Park this week leading the 5 day Autumn Adventure workshop in beautiful Acadia National Park, and our first day got off to a great start. The weather forecast wasn’t promising at all, but you can never underestimate mother nature. At both sunrise and sunset, we were fortunate to get great light at just the right moments, and the students worked on taking advantage of those fleeting moments in nature.

Between our morning and evening shoots, I spend around 2 hours working with students on optimizing their images in Lightroom,  then give a presentation on different aspects of  landscape photography including composition, working with light, and the elements of visual design. During our field work students get practical and hands on use of these important and fundamental concepts, and I often try and challenge them with specific exercises meant to help them grow as photographers.

We’ve got 4 more days to go, and I’ll try to update the blog with photos and more info during the next few days.

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  1. Great photos Rob. That shot of the bright sunlight on the rocks against the dark gray sky brings to mind how the light changes this time of year when a cold front finally pushes out a rainy weather system. Any special considerations in planning shots when such a transition is expected to occur on a given day?

    1. Thanks Steve – as far as your question, there aren’t any special things to consider technically, it’s more a question of composition and making sure to balance your sun lit subject in relation to a dark background…too much of either can make the image feel unbalanced.


  2. I am starting to save up right now so maybe I could go to the next one! Beautiful locations are a start but understanding how to express that beauty is your specialty. I would love to have that sense of expression and could learn so much from a workshop like this. Thanks for sharing your technical skills and of course the beauty of nature through your photography.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I would love to have you attend in the future. There is no better environment to learn photography than on an extended workshop where all you focus on day after day is being creative and getting inspired by nature’s beauty.


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