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Mirror Trees, Harriman St Pk

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I love this photograph: the light, the repeated pattern of the trees like an overlay on the pond and lily pads. It almost looks like a double exposure or an interaction between real and unreal. It is mostly pastel, yet it hints of bright primary greens and reds. An inspiration.

    1. Thanks David for your very generous feedback, and for visiting the blog! Your blog has been extremely inspirational from day one, and I look forward to your thoughts as well the magnificent photography you share with all of us so often.

  2. This is a beautiful photograph. I was hiking this weekend with my dogs and came upon a beautiful scene somewhat similar. I love reflections but this shot of yours is so peaceful and colorful. I didn’t post my shot since I didn’t think anyone would see what I did but now am rethinking that! Thanks once again for inspiring me!

    1. I’ve always felt the best part of my job is inspiring others, and that is truly what drives me, whether it is another photographer, or just someone who loves nature. Everyone has their own way of seeing, and will see your images differently, and bring something you may not have seen as well. Never be afraid to show your “vision” to others, it may inspire you or teach you something about yourself you didn’t know. Many times I have been reluctant to print an image for exhibition, but my wife has urged me to, and it sells faster than others – strange for me, but again everyone see differently. Ultimately, if you photograph what inspires you, then there will be a reason why you make a picture, and someone will see that, and hopefully feel something as well – that is goal.

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