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I have finally completed all of the photo workshops in the 2010 schedule, and the final workshop was the Lightroom 3 Masterclass which I taught last weekend. We had a great group of students who asked lots of great questions and made me work extra hard to provide proper answers, but that’s what teaching is all about. I love it when a question makes me think and provide solutions for students that I myself may not have thought of if not for the original question. Everyone benefits this way, which is the way it should be!

I am always asking for feedback, and what I have received from students this year has been overwhelmingly positive. However, if there is a problem I am eager to find out how to correct it and improve for the better. I always make it a point to speak with students I think may have had difficulty with a workshop and try to provide whatever extra instruction they need to help them in their photography. I have even visited a student in their home after a workshop to provide some extra instruction – free of charge. I mention this because it is important for me to know I have done everything I can for a student that takes one of my workshops. I appreciate the confidence and  trust they have given me, and in return I want them to leave a workshop inspired, motivated, and more knowledgeable as a serious photographer.

I plan to have the 2011 schedule available on the website by the end of the year. The Lightroom and Digital Printing workshops will return, as well as a Photoshop class and  some new field locations. I am working on a 4-day Adirondacks workshop, probably based in Lake Placid. I also plan to extend the Acadia workshop to 6-days, and also introduce a few new locations in the Hudson Valley. Many students have requested a photography marketing workshop, so that is in the works and depends on my workload.

Long term plans include a Nova Scotia workshop in 2012 and an Iceland workshop soon after. I will be traveling to both of these locations numerous times in the near future, and hopefully offer these exciting locations to new and returning students.

I really want to thank everyone who has helped me as I strive to provide valuable and helpful instruction to photography students, and for making the Beyond the Lens Workshops a successful and worthwhile experience for me in 2010. I’ve met really wonderful students, and have learned much in the process as a teacher and photographer – which I am eager to share in the years to come.

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