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This new video on winter gear and apparel for landscape photography coincides with the launch of the new Beyond the Lens Video Podcast!

My plans are to produce a monthly video podcast where I can share resources and useful knowledge in a format that I believe offers a great experience for viewers. I have a fair amount of video production experience, and together with the short videos I’ve created already and new videos in the works, wanted to expand the reach of the blog.

I really enjoy the combination of photography with video as a rich media experience, especially when it centers around nature and the outdoors. The latest crop of DSLR cameras now offer tremendous video capabilities, so I’ll be putting my newly acquired Panasonic GH2 to the test for both stills and video work.

The main goal for me is to give a behind the scenes look at the many different aspects of being a full time landscape photographer, and hopefully help and inspire all of you to become better at your photography, regardless of your skill level or ambition. Future episodes I have planned include actual photo shoots in the field, post-processing tutorials (especially Lightroom 3), printing and framing info, behind the scenes on photo workshops, and many other ideas to make the podcast really interesting.

So enjoy this latest episode, and welcome to the new video podcast – look for more in the near future!

You can view past episodes here (all of which have been posted on the blog) and also subscribe to podcast in iTunes and watch it on your HD TV. I’d love to get your feedback and suggestions for future episodes. Thanks!

Episode Notes:

Thanks to Leonard “Buddy” and Katy at Mountain Tops Outfitters in Beacon, NY – great store, even better service.

Items mentioned:

In addition, here are a few other items that I use and recommend for winter shooting and/or hiking:

  • MSR Snowshoes– I have a pair of Ascent’s that are really great – light and strong, but only use them in soft deep snow. If it’s hard packed, I’ll use the crampons.
  • REI Shuksan Snow Pants – I’ve had these for years and they are my go to pants when I’m going to spend a lot of time in snowy conditions. Pricey, but so worth it.

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