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On this episode of the Beyond the Lens Podcast, go behind the scenes on a recent photo workshop to get a sense of what it’s like to spend a week doing nothing but photography. This was filmed on a recent workshop in Acadia National Park, and I want to say thanks to all of the students for their generosity and willingness to participate with the making of the video.

There is so much that goes on during a week long workshop, and I have always thought that capturing some of it on video would be the ideal way to share the experience. Sure there is camaraderie, but the energy that comes from a group who are focused on being creative is really inspiring and quite special. I hope you get a sense of that here, as well as the amazing beauty of Acadia.

Thanks as always for watching, and would really love to get your feedback below! Remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Episode Notes – Tech Details:

-Filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II and Panasonic GH1 – both great cameras, majority of footage from Canon with Rode mic, several lenses, and Zacuto viewfinder – thanks Tom!

-Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – I recently switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro, and I am really enjoying the enhanced workflow. Editing native Canon files without transcoding is a real time saver, plus also requires less storage for editing and backup. Color graded with Magic Bullet Looks – awesome.

– Special Effects / Audio – done with Apple Motion and Soundtrack Pro respectively. I can’t get away from these yet, really great for getting results fast, and I have lots of experience with them. Slowly learning After Effects CS5…slowly. The narration was recorded with the new Rode Videomic Pro, which I really like over the original Videomic.

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  1. Awesome job on the video Robert. It took me right back to Acadia this past October. Everyone was working hard, learning and pushing themselves. The only thing missing is the great fun around the table at breakfast after a morning shoot, or the late night dinners. I must say along with the image and field instruction I got, the Lightroom work during the middle of the day was most helpful. It forced us to download what we shot, look at them, make selections, and then get input and help on how to improve them. That along with the work and videos you did on our selections after the workshop, showing how it could be improved, were fantastic. I cannot say enough on how great the workshop was, and working with you and the other participants. We had a blast. Just wish we could do it more often. You need the time to immerse yourself in a workshop like this to get into the shooting, downloading, editing, review, scouting and looking.

    The video was great. Tom did a great job capturing the essence of what we did. The only thing I think he missed was the line of cars in the dark at 5:15 a.m. ready to go to the locations. We were all up and ready to meet the new experience the day had in store for us.

    Bill Bogle, Jr.

    1. @Bill – Yes you are right, a video on the pizza party at Rosalie’s would have been the perfect ending – guess we were all enjoying the pizza too much to think about filming, including Tom! Thanks for the great feedback, it keeps me motivated to continue to learn and improve my knowledge so that it helps others. The constant passion I have to push myself, both in my own work and also as an instructor, is what makes these workshops so enjoyable for me. The more you guys learn, the more I learn as well, and it becomes a great energy to be a part of – thanks for participating. Stay tuned for some photo hikes coming up soon in the snow!


  2. Superlative! I very much enjoyed this video and found it enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys photography, whether on a personal or professional basis.

    1. @Nancy – glad you enjoyed it Nancy, always great to have your feedback. Would be great to have you attend a future workshop- perhaps in the Hudson Valley!


  3. Awesome Rob!
    It really gives a feeling of your workshops beyond the tech and f-stops stuff. It’s inviting and entices the viewer – sign me up!
    I’m really glad you put something together with our early morning efforts to promote RRJrWorkshops. I’ll pass along the vimeo to others.
    I’ve been hanging low, couple of assignments here and there. Not really enjoying the winter – miss the warmth.
    Anyway, we are way overdue…breakfast/lunch sometime – Sat or Sun or next week.
    Looks Great.

    1. @Tom – thanks for your amazing abilities Tom, you are truly gifted and I learn something new every time we work together – can’t wait till the next project!


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