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“The challenge is to focus on the work, not on the fear that comes from doing the work.” – Seth Godin

The ability to accomplish anything in life is directly tied to your convictions and confidence. The talent lies not in some innate genetic disposition, but in learning to see past the minds own limited perspective. But there is another element that is often overlooked – generosity.

Many of my accomplishments were the result of throwing caution to the wind, trusting my instincts, and slowly learning that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to – regardless of my fear. Here are two ideas to commit to heart – NEVER doubt yourself and think BIG – things I’ve done throughout my life. There will be  significant  setbacks and disappointments, but out of that growth and experience, the kind that really makes a positive difference.

BUT, I still struggled and wondered why it was so hard to do what I loved to do – photography. Then I started to think differently about my goals, my failures, and started focusing on what matters – doing the work. Now when I see others that have the ability but fail because of commitment or execution, it makes me frustrated, but more than that, it makes me want to help.

Much of what I have learned has come from asking for help. When I have asked for help from others, I accepted that help without reservation and didn’t let my ego interfere. This serves two purposes – it keeps me humble, and it reminds me to help others along their path. And nothing will bring  you closer to achieving  your goals than generosity. Sure it may take longer, and in our culture of instant gratification, this will not be a popular option. But the results will be so much more valuable and lasting.

The Importance of Generosity

On a workshop

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than being generous, and I have not been disadvantaged by this in any way whatsoever, on the contrary it has enriched my work and my life.  I give my knowledge freely and without waiting for anything in return. Then I try and accomplish my own goals, no matter how far fetched they are – simple concept, yet not always easy to practice.

Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. – The Law of Compensation –  Little Go-Giver Book

Think about what you want to accomplish in your life – whether that involves photography, work and business, or personal issues. Then think about how you can help someone else in some small way. I can guarantee you from personal experience that once you think this way, you goals will begin to move towards you faster than ever before.

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  1. Robert, I truly appreciate your work. Your blog as well as your workshops has developed my skills not only to achieve my goals but to offer assistance willingly to those who asked. I find that it helps me grow as a photographer and binds relationships that are bigger than the picture.

    1. Thanks Ckark – your feedback is very humbling and I certainly appreciate your thoughts as well as knowing it has helped you in your life. For sure you have said it better than I could have – relationships are bigger than the picture. Thanks for putting it so eloquently! And of course, any way I can help in the future, just ask.


  2. This was another great article. I have the same philosophy but have found it has grown even more after working with you. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if I learned more about photography, more about my self or more about life in general after your workshops, articles or other interactions. That’s quite an amazing feat. Thanks a lot!

    1. Michael – more than anything else I am glad that some of my thoughts have been beneficial for you, and as I said in the article, it gives me the motivation to continue and try to make a difference each day, whether with friends, students, customers, or most importantly my family. Thank you my friend.

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