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On this episode of the video podcast, I take you through another creative workflow in Lightroom 3 using a black and white image from my recent trip to Nova Scotia. I filmed the intro in my studio in Beacon NY, and I’m working on a future episode that will focus on a tour of the studio, gear and equipment, and how I use it all on a day to day basis as a landscape photography – coming soon …

Lakies Head View II, Cape Breton

As always, thanks for watching, and leave any feedback or questions below – thanks!

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    1. Thanks Max – I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, especially when I realize there is so much more to learn! Thanks for the encouragement.


  1. Man, watching this makes me realize that I’m most definitely not using LR to its fullest potential!! Thanks for the great tutorial… wife may hate you though as I go back to some of my RAWs and practice my post processing HAHA

    1. Glad you found it helpful, and maybe you can work on some images of your wife, might make her appreciate your hard work! Thanks again.


      1. If I told my wife that I worked hard on one of her images, and knowing her….I’m assuming that her exact words would be, “WHAT do you mean you worked hard on my picture? Do you think I’m THAT ugly that you had to work hard on the picture just to make me look good?”

        It’s a lose/lose for me LOL

        And I definitely plan on taking at least one of your LR workshops…..I’m one of those people that tend just push the sliders around to see how it comes out as opposed to envisioning what I want and adjusting accordingly and I want to change that. Thanks for the motivation 🙂

      2. I totally understand – I don’t want to create any problems! Yes I was one of those people too, but I realized I needed to find a different way to think about processing, and it’s made a huge impact on my work. Look for more video tutorials in the near future on “creative workflow”. Thanks for your support.


  2. Thanks Robert. Helpful as always. I am finding that working on black and white images is a good way to develop a better understanding of light and composition. I think this tutorial really illustrates that. VK

    1. You raise an interesting and valuable point about how black and white images may help you to understand composition, and for sure I try and break down composition into graphic elements and how they balance each other within the frame. This works for color as well, it’s just a matter of “seeing” the the scene in b&w, which just takes lots of practice. Often when I think about converting to b&w, I try to see of color actually adds anything to the image, and if it doesn’t will then feel much more confident about converting. I’ll have more about this in some upcoming webinars.


    1. Hi Dennis – thanks for your very generous feedback – much appreciated. For sure time and dedication are keys to any endeavor, and none more so than landscape photography. I also looked at your website and liked many of the compositions. Quality of light is a big factor (some say the biggest) in creating expressive images, so that is definitely something I work on endlessly, and suggest you examine as well. Any way I can be of help in the future, just let me know!


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