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Last Light On The Highlands, Hudson Valley
Last Light on the Highlands, Hudson Valley
Last Light on the Highlands, Hudson Valley
Last Light on the Highlands, Hudson Valley

No matter how often I go to the same locations, there is ALWAYS something new to see and appreciate in the Hudson Valley, and any location in nature for that matter.

Being aware of weather and light helped me in making this photograph, and knowing the location intimately was also a factor since I didn’t have to think too much about setting up. Once I saw the clouds starting to break on the horizon after a windy rainy day, I knew that if enough light broke through, something special could happen. Direction of light is the most important consideration here, and knowing that the mountains on the left would be the main highlight of the image, I needed to balance that with a complimentary foreground that would help provide balance. Lining up the rocks along the diagonal is my attempt at creating a strong line for the viewer.

The sky provides the drama, and without it this becomes a different image, both in terms of mood and composition. Thanks as always for reading!

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  1. This is a superb photograph. I would love to see it printed large. You have a talent for translating the sometimes stark landscapes of the East into magnificent and unique images.

    1. Always grateful for your feedback David – appreciate your time and positive comments. Looking underneath what we “see” is at the heart of finding beauty, and so I focus on that much more so than any other aspect of my photography – being inspired has and always will be the most important factor.


    1. Hi Michael – thanks for the feedback – I did not shoot any verticals, to me the scene dictated a horizontal composition to capture the light falling on the landscape. Thanks!


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