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It’s always interesting when someone writes something positive about your work, and recently I was featured on two blogs. I am honored that both of these photographers would think of my photography the way they do. For me the biggest positive is the motivation to continue not only to work harder at what I am passionate about – nature and photography, but also to continue to share that with others who have the same passions and feelings about life, our natural world, and the potential to make a difference with creativity.

I also encourage you to check out these blogs and the photographers mentioned – always something to learn from others.

• Edward Brydon writes a monthly article titled “Feature First Friday” and highlights some of the things that catch his attention in photography. Read this month’s entry.

• Kevin Hardy talks about his influences on the A Life More Rewarding blog, and also showcases his own work on his website Limited Exposure.

Thank you both for your generosity.

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    1. Much appreciated David – apologies for not stopping by your blog more often, so busy now in the spring – will drop by soon!


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