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1/5 sec @f/20, ISO 100, 18mm

I’ve been in Moab, Utah for the past 5 days, and after scouting this location in Arches National Park yesterday, returned this morning before dawn to try and capture this amazing rock formation. Located in one of the more remote sections of the park, I had to get an early start in order to find my way here before sunrise. The long hike was worth it for sure. In order to create the starburst effect, I set my aperture to f/20, and then worked with the composition so that all of the different circular shapes created a pattern.

So many options here, but I only had a chance to make a few exposures.

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  1. Great image Robert! Is this a working/family vacation or are you by yourself Moab? You have probably picked a good time to go as far as crowds are concerned. Take care and post more!

    1. Thanks Dick – I was alone in Moab working on a project. Weather is great this time of year and you are right the crowds are not as bad as the summer months. Still quite a bit of people though…


  2. Great image Robert…wish I had known you were in Moab. I was there for the Moab Photography Symposium May 12-15. I would have liked to have met you in person. That place (and all of southern Utah) is a real candyland for landscape images. Looking forward to seeing more from your journey. You continue to be an inspiration.

    1. Thanks – I appreciate the kind words and hope to continue to share my experiences out in nature with my camera. Best Regards,


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