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Hudson View, Battery Park
Hudson View, Battery Park
Hudson View, Battery Park

While working on an assignment this past weekend for Ray Fusco Inc and The North Face, I had the opportunity to get access to Governors Island before sunrise, which is not normally possible to the general public.

A former Coast Guard installation, this small island is now a public park and sits just 1/2 mile from the southern tip of Manhattan, offering some very unique views of the NYC harbor. The light was beautiful that morning, but I struggled to find a composition that worked for me. I wanted to find a way to capture the contrast between the stillness and quiet solitude of the park, and the energy of the NYC skyline –  this majestic tree provided the element I needed. Not only does it add depth, but I wanted to bring across the idea that mother nature will always reign supreme, no matter how we transform our planet.

It has been a very hectic few weeks for me with many projects, workshops, webinars, and end of school activity with the family. Not to worry – I have lots of new and interesting articles coming here soon, as well as a free Lightroom webinar scheduled for mid July – stay tuned! Thanks as always for reading.

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  1. As a native NYC’er, I was curious how my favorite Hudson valley photographer would approach this.

    As always, a stunning composition and one that gives me a view of my home “town” that I’ve never seen before.

    Beautiful work!

    – Jeff

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