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Light Mind, Rockefeller Preserve
Light Mind, Rockefeller Preserve

Canon 1DS Mk III, 1/3 @f11, ISO 200, 24mm (EF24-105 f/4 L)

I’m always drawn to textures and colors, especially when the light helps accentuate them in an image. Back lighting is probably my favorite light to work with, though it is also the most difficult in my opinion. But there is no better way to bring out dimension and depth that really helps a viewer “step into” the scene photographed, both visually and emotionally.

I used an 2 stop graduated filter in the field to darken the sky, and then used Lightroom to dodge some areas around the trees that became too dark. I haven’t printed this image yet, but for sure the rich detail deserves at least a 24 x 36 print. I’ll share the specifics of how I print it, what paper I use, and how it turns out – thanks for reading!

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  1. Very, very nice! There was no doubt I instantly “stepped into the scene, visually and emotionally”. In fact, I was thinking how to describe the effect, before I read your own very appropriate words.

  2. This image to me also has a strong emotional or visceral component, in that with the soft, diffuse light, richness of the scene and the mist, it contains a definite mood, besides invoking feelings in me reminiscent of when I have been in similar scenes in the past.

    1. Great feedback for me David, it is always important to see how others respond to your images, and I’m grateful for your kind words.


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