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Blue Lines, Acadia National Park
Blue Lines, Acadia National Park

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  1. My father Rudy is one of the original artists from the hudson valley ( Beacon ). Your pics remind me a lot of my fathers. He was also a painter and I have a collection of his photography and paintings. He also had many photos in the NY Times etc. A lot of people I run into say that they’d like to meet my father ( photographers ). I think you and him have a lot in common. He is in his 80s now and i’d like to share his work with the world. Would be nice to run into you and talk. Keep up the good work. Ed Mendoza Beacon NY

  2. Hello Robert,
    Really like your new image and the cool tones and lines bring you directly into the shot….well done!
    Are your LR webinars available to purchase if I want to view them since I missed your class?


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