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There are a small handful of photographers that have influenced and inspired me greatly over the years I’ve been shooting, and one of them is the legendary Philip Hyde. He was a pioneer landscape photographer and conservationist, mostly recognized for his work with the Sierra Club and conservation in the American West.

Hyde said, “For every place there will always be people that want to exploit it, and there will always be people—hopefully—that want to save it and keep it as it is. Even with the risk of inviting the crowds into paradise, better to publish your photographs and rally the troops. What’s in the frame of the photograph matters artistically, to be sure, but what’s outside the frame can destroy it.”

This new video gives a visual and historical perspective to Philip Hyde and his amazing work, which I never get tired of studying and learning from. His son David runs a blog Landscape Photography Blogger that I read often, and I highly recommend visiting as often as possible.

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