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The Path, Hudson Valley
The Path, Hudson Valley

I received the following email recently and thought I would share it and some thoughts that occurred to me after reading it…

I am an artist living in Ireland but originally from the Hudson Valley. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use one of your photographs as a reference photo for a painting I would like to do. I would of course credit you and ad a link to your site as well. Could you let me know if this would be possible. Your photos are amazing! You are a true artist, Thank You…

First, I was deeply honored and humbled that she would want to use one of my images as inspiration for her art, and of course I said yes. But more importantly it reinforced the idea that technology has connected the world in an unprecedented and fantastic way that can serve as inspiration and benefit to us all. Sure there are the negative aspects to any powerful technology, but never in any other time would someone half way around the world be able to find me, connect with me and my work, and then share the results. I’ll share the final piece here when it’s done.

There is also something to be said for sharing and generosity in this age of limitless connections, via social media, the internet, Skype, etc. Your voice and vision is as valid as anyone else’s, your personal experiences unique and worth sharing if you truly have something to say. While it may seem at times that people worry most about privacy issues, there is also the ability and potential to share your vision and creativity in a way that allows the message to truly dictate the exposure. In days past, that was never the case, and your voice would be overpowered by the status quo.

I used to think that I was born too late, but now I know I am living in the most incredible times ever. My ability to live the life I want is directly related to taking advantage of all the possibilities available today. I started out 8 years knowing practically nothing about landscape photography, but I knew I had a very deep connection to nature, and I was committed to doing whatever it took within my ethical boundaries.

Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed, look at the possibilities and grab them as tight as you can – there has never been a better time to achieve whatever goals you have.

Do you agree or disagree? What is holding you back from your dreams? Leave your comment below!

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  1. I completely agree with your post Robert. First, we do live in incredible times. We are finding ways to connect to each other unlike any time in history. Governments have changed recently based on this connection.

    I think the personal connection that we can now make to individuals on the other side of the world that we would probably never meet is astounding. I also believe that we are only just now beginning to understand what that ability to connect might mean.

    2011 was a struggle creatively for me. As I’m generally happy 95% or more of the time, personally this was an interesting period. (A previous post from you helped in that area).

    Our creative expression is a deeply personal one and when we look at everyone else that is creating there is a tendency to get overwhelmed when comparing. The opposite of being frustrated and overwhelmed is having a view of the world that rests in unlimited possibilities. Our only limits are our thoughts and beliefs. Overall fear being a hugely negative thought process that we all deal with. No one or no thing can affect us more than our own thoughts and beliefs.

    Bottom line, I completely agree that there is no better time to achieve our goals. The tools and potential connections exist to truly generate unlimited possibilities. I am taking advantage of that. 🙂

    Thank you for having posts that truly transcend the technical in photography (not saying there is anything wrong with that) and get to the real nitty gritty of the creative process and the mental work that is needed to pull yourself forward to a life that is as enriching as you can imagine.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Michael – all good points and you certainly added to my own thoughts. Yes I agree not only is the technical fun to talk about, it is also vitally important. However I’ve learned that without a vision for what you want to accomplish, the rest sort of loses its appeal. The key is balance.


  2. Just recently stumbled onto your site via Twitter. I appreciate what you are doing and have only recently stuck my foot into what I would call “the deep waters of international social networking (or relationship building) through art”, that art being photography. I’ve encountered some very interesting people and have started building a few rewarding relationships.

    That being said, I come from a generation that considered a close rewarding relationship as a face to face, physical (meaning proximity) relationship. So, even though I think that the currently available methods for building cyber (a very sterile word, I know) relationships are incredible and useful, I also see a proliferation of very casual and meaningless connections. I have a facebook friend who casually mentions her 650 something Best friends on FB. I doubt that I could even relate to a few dozen friends in a meaningful way.

    At any rate, your photography is really beautiful, Robery. As an artist and technician, I can very much appreciate what your are creating.

    1. First, welcome to the blog and thank you for reading and leaving your feedback – I appreciate the time and your point of view.

      I could not agree with you more about real relationships in the real world. While I value and appreciate all of the relationships I have made online, I prefer meeting people in person, developing lasting and trusting relationships, and building my business the old fashioned way.

      Having said that, we can not deny the potential to do the same online, and I think it’s just a matter of who you are and what you value. You and I would not be communicating now if not for the technology. Yet we both value the same types of relationships – which is a positive thing in my view, for us and others. For sure, as far as social media is concerned, what matters most to me is not quantity or numbers of connections, but the quality of those relationships. Having 100 loyal followers of my work is definitely more valuable to me than 1000 that I don’t really know. But of course we know that is not the case with everyone.

      Use whatever means you can to make new connections and expand your reach, but your personality should never be compromised. Be yourself, and others will notice. Thanks again for the thoughts!


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