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Last year I was contacted by REI, one of the largest outdoor retailers in the country, about licensing a few of my images for new stores they were opening in NYC. They specifically wanted images that conveyed and connected them to the beauty of the Hudson Valley. The images were to be used in two retail locations, one in the Soho district of NYC, and the other in Paramus New Jersey, and would be printed very large, upwards of 15 feet.

I was very happy and honored to help them out, and I am extremely pleased that they licensed a total of 4 images. I provided them with high-resolution files at the sizes they specified, and they took care of the rest. The stores finally opened this fall, and I finally made it down to the Soho store this weekend to check out the installations. One of the images was placed behind the main counter, and into a lightbox, which is basically a back lit enclosure with the image printed on a translucent film that allows the light to pass through the print.

I have to say it looked amazing, similar to a lcd display in terms of brightness, but better because it is a print, so the resolution and detail is much higher. I have been aware of light boxes for some time, but after seeing one this big, I’m looking into making this a presentation option for my prints together with canvas and framed. I’ll share what I discover here.

I have not had a chance to visit the Paramus store, but will post photos here when I get a chance.


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    1. Thanks for the comment Michael – yes a great store which I joined as a co-op member 15 years ago, and rely on for much of my outdoor gear, together with Mountain Tops in Beacon which I also can’t recommend enough. many thanks again…


  1. Congratulations Robert. The Soho store image looks great – very appropriate as well. Next time I’m in the Paramus store, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your image.

  2. Fantastic news Rob, but why am I not surprised. Of course we, here in New Ro. are very proud, and hope that we will be in the ares to check it out one day. Congratulations again from,
    Joy and Ross

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