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Iona Marsh, Hudson River
Iona Marsh, Hudson Valley

I recently wrote about a painter in Ireland that contacted me about making a painting based on one of my photographs. I of course said I would be honored, and I wanted to share the finished piece here.

Iona Island, by Deborah O'Keefe
Iona Island, by Deborah O'Keefe

Her name is Deborah O’Keefe, and though she lives in Ireland, she is originally from New York, and just opened an exhibit not too far from where I live in the Hudson Valley (talk about a small world!)

Anyhow, I really love how she interpreted the photograph, and the rest of her work is also really great. As photographers, we can learn a great deal from painters, and I’ll be writing more on this topic in the near future. I encourage you to check out Deborah’s website – thanks for reading!

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