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I’m happy to announce that after a long hiatus, the Beyond the Lens Video Podcast is back! It’s been a while since the last episode (almost a year) but I’ve got a bunch of new episodes scheduled for the coming months, so plenty of content coming soon. Lots of developments happening behind the scenes, and you’ll see those over the course of the next few episodes. I’ll have some very rare gear reviews, some interviews with inspiring photographers, and of course some “in the field” footage as I explore the landscape near and far.

In this episode, enjoy a Lightroom 4 tutorial where I process one of my latest images, and talk in-depth about the changes and  improvements to the develop module. I’m excited to be doing the podcast again, so please let me know what you think, and of course I’m always open to ideas and suggestions for improving future episodes and tutorials and making them more useful for you. Thanks for watching!

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    1. Thanks Norman, really appreciate the feedback and kind words. Thanks for visiting the blog, great to have you here, and please always feel free to ask any questions that may help you in your photography – I’m always here to help.


  1. Robert

    Great tutorial. LR4 has a great deal of new features to help processing. I love the way you share how you go through all of your decisions rather than just moving some sliders around. I also like the inclusion of your “scouting shot” with the final image. So often we try to get the perfect shot the first time we see something, and it often takes several trips to the same spot to get that feeling and shot. I look forward to the podcast for softproofing.


    1. Hi Bill – thanks as always for your support, always goof to get your perspective. For sure scouting is key to the way I work, and while not a new idea by any stretch, you are right that often we get excited by the moment and want to capture it all. Those are not bad reactions per se, it shows you are passionate about the subject. Image making however is a another matter, and so waiting for the right light can make all of the difference.


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