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In this episode of the Beyond the Lens Video Podcast, I review a couple of products I really like and use regularly. The GuraGear Kiboko 22L+ backpack, which is my go to bag for most of my outings, and some quick release adapters from Xume which really simplify the whole hassle of adding and removing circular filters on your lenses. Check out the in-depth reviews and field tests in the video – thanks for watching!

A week after I recorded this episode, GuraGear sent me a letter stating that they were recalling some Kiboko 22L’s due to some quality issues with the stitching of the shoulder straps. Although I had never noticed any problems, my bag was affected and they sent me a brand new replacement bag free of charge. A big thank you to GuraGear for great service and support!

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  1. Excellent, Thank you for the video Robert. Do you carry an extra pack for food and drink, or could you possible fit along side your gear? Mike

    1. Hi Mike, depending on the length of the hike, I can fit food and water either in the side pockets or inside an empty compartment. If I need more, then I take my larger Guragear bag. Unless you have lots of lenses, you should have plenty of room for extras. thanks for the feedback!


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