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"Dangerous Eyes" - ©Peter Geller Photography

Fellow photographer, student, and friend Peter Geller has a show this month at RiverWinds gallery in my hometown of Beacon, NY. Peter photographs many different subjects, but his wildlife images are particularly striking and look great in print. I had a chance to stop by the gallery this week and check out his latest work. It’s always great to see local photographers that I know personally and have also had the privilege of having as students getting their work out there and seen by others. As I and many others have said so many times, a large part of becoming successful is showing up, and Peter is doing exactly that with both his enthusiasm for wildlife and his presentation.

If you’re in town, be sure to stop by the gallery and check it out.

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  1. Rob, thanks for your support and kind words. As always, it is appreciated. Your instruction and encouragement have been instrumental in my growth as a photographer. I deeply value our friendship.


  2. I’ve known Pete for over 30 years (yep, it’s been that long, my friend). Whatever he’s been involved with (helping others through his private practice, martial arts, etc), he has always shown commitment, enthusiasm and talent in his endeavors. It does not surprise me at all that these same qualities show up in his photography. His pictures of animals are particularly impressive because you don’t just see the body of the beast, at times you can see the mind of the creature through its eyes, enabling one to realize that these are not just brutes but fellow beings with whom we share our planet. Keep up the good work, Mr. Geller!

  3. Beacon’s a little out of the way. I’ll have to settle for the images on his website. Quite nice.

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