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Photo: Guy Tal

“Creative endeavors, if they are to truly enhance your life experience, must be an integral part of those life experiences. There are always new stories to be told and new ways to tell them. The lifelong pursuit of conceiving new stories and becoming a better storyteller will amount to greater personal reward – for you and for your audience – than any trophy image you may ever make.” – Guy Tal

This excerpt is from a great two-part series on Guy Tal’s blog titled “Finding the Needle” which echoes many of the ideas and principles I espouse and try to pass on to students in my workshops and talks. Understanding what matters, and applying that to your creative efforts will reward you in ways that no piece of gear ever can.

I read Guy’s blog regularly and enjoy his work – very inspirational and highly recommended.

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  1. Yes, excellent piece. I thought the second-to-the-last paragraph (Part II) really puts the whole essay in perspective!

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