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  1. Robert,

    Beautiful light. I love the way you use shooting into the light in the early morning. My guess is most of the hike to get there was in the dark. Was there a good set of maps and descriptions for the hikes or was it more search on your own? Definitely interested to hear what you think of the park and what ideas you have for a workshop there.


    1. Bill – There are many guides to the hiking trails in the Smokies, but most if not all are written by hikers and not photographers, so the visual aspect is still something I scout for myself. In fact, even with photo guides, I find I need to discover a place for myself, after all we each have a different way of seeing and responding to a location, beside it’s fun. This hike was mostly in the dark except for the last 1/2 mile. Not sure it would be appropriate for a workshop since the end is very steep, dangerous, and limited space wise. But there are so many options in the Smokies, this is no limitation at all. I’ll have more details soon.


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