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It feels great to finally announce the release of my first ebook “Insights from Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography.” It’s based on many of my previous posts here on the blog, but rewritten to flow as a single short book. In addition I’ve added new images with background information on how I made them, and an updated resources section where you can find out about other great books and websites for further reading and inspiration.

Two Versions Available

The exciting part for me is that in addition to a PDF version, I’ve also created an iBooks multi-touch version. It contains full screen views of all the images (compatible with Retina display), interactive galleries, and two videos. You’ll need an iPad (any version) and the free iBooks app to download it from the iBook Store.

I used iBooks Author to create the ebook which was a fantastic experience and lots of fun. I love the interactive capabilities and options to create rich media, and I’m really excited about making new books with it in the future.

Best of all, both versions will be available for free for a limited time as my way of sharing with all of you. Your support on the blog has inspired me to keep writing and sharing everything I’ve learned over the years, so I hope you find it beneficial in your photography and life in general. While I write about photography, I think many of the concepts are universal and reflect my desire to live life as creatively as possible.

How To Get The Book

Both versions of the ebook are available completly free, no strings attached. All I ask in return is that if you find the book beneficial or useful you 1) consider signing up for my newsletter if you haven’t already, and 2) share and pass it along to others you think can benefit from the ebook.

Please send me your feedback as well – I’d love to hear from you and your reaction to the book.

Get the eBook

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  1. Robert,

    Thank you so much for making this book and sharing it. It is full of great information and advice that I’ve already started to learn from. Your writing is authentic and your desire to help others succeed comes across clearly in your message. I’m looking forward to your upcoming books!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dennis – really appreciate the kind words. I’m working on two more ebooks, more info in the near future. Thanks again my friend.


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