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I had the honor and privilege of being a guest on the Candid Frame Photography Podcast last week, which is hosted by photographer, teacher, and all around great guy Ibarionex Perello. He's interviewed many great photographers over the years, several of whom have been tremendoulsy instrumental in my own development as a landscape photographer. To say that I was surprised by his invitation is an understatement, and I immediately started to worry about what I could possibly add to the many interviews he's done already.

But of course I've written here before about confidence, authenticity, uniqueness, and the importance of controlling fear. So I just had to take my own advice and be myself, speak from the heart, and not worry about whether I was saying the right things. Sort of like photograhy, if you ask me…

Interview topics included my music background, shooting local landscapes, finding inspiration, the difficulty of making a living, and why I wrote my new ebook.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think!


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  1. Robert, it was a very nicely balanced and excellent interview. It seemed like you were really enthused to put your own point of view on your work and history out there. Ibarionx is a very thoughtful interviewer also. Thanks for the creative and life inspiration.

  2. I found it very encouraging to listen to you. As a landscape and nature photographer myself, I too pick my ‘home turf’ for subject matter. There is beauty everywhere and most of it right under our own noses!

    Thanks to the interview, I’ve found your inspirational site and blog too. Thank you for sharing your work and life with us. I appreciate it.

    1. Thanks Thysje for the very kind words and feedback – appreciate you taking the time to leave them here. While I think getting away is always great for “recharging the batteries”, there is plenty to shoot locally, and I often find I do my best work when I feel the most comfortable and at home.


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