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There are lots of camera and gear reviews online, but it's not everyday one of the worlds best nature photographers says a new model is a game changer for him. Art Wolfe and his work should be familiar to you, and if it isn't, please stop reading this now and go check out his website.

If you're still here, his recent blog post on the Canon 1DX is not only a great read for what he has to say about the camera, but also about his approach to photography in general and how technology is impacting his work. There are great pearls of wisdom in this article, and I especially like his single minded approach to what is most important for him:

If you know me, or have been to one of my seminars you know I am an artist first, a photographer second and a technical anything is not even on my list. The camera is a tool for me, just like my brushes and paint, thus I will leave the technical reviews to the likes of Jay Goodrich and others who play in that arena. – Art Wolfe

Even if you're not interested in a new camera, this is an eye opening article for sure, check it out here.

Thanks as aways for reading – it keeps me inspired to keep sharing the stuff I think truly matters.

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