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I have been mostly offline the last few days or so because it’s really great to finally say I’m a new Dad for the second time in ten years. My wife gave birth to our second child, a healthy baby girl yesterday morning, “Acadia Marie.”

There are moments in life where words can not describe the feelings and emotions we experience as human beings. While nature provides many such magical moments, the birth of a child is like none other I have experienced. It reinforces once again for me the fragility of life, and the importance of appreciating how lucky we truly are to be alive.

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  1. Rob, I’ve been checking all week for this great news, Congrats to you and Brenda !!!
    You and your family has been blessed, and Acadia Marie has been too to be born into a wonderful family. All the best to you.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Robert & Brenda. It’s good to know that there is another human being that will perpetuate the Rodriguez mystique and DNA. She’s a blessed little lady to have loving parents and a great big brother…and she looks like Brenda!

  3. Congratulations, Robert! That’s quite a Christmas present for your family! That’s a big, beautiful name for the little girl. ;^)


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