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So far this year has been incredibly busy for me with several projects and exhibitions, not to mention a new baby. It’s been hard to find time to write on the blog so I do apologize for my lack of posts. I’m actually writing this in Atlanta where I’m working with Canson Infinity at the 2013 Imaging USA Photo Convention. I’m always grateful to get a chance to show my work, talk about photography and printing, and work with the great staff at Canson.

“On Time and Place – Celebrating Scenic Hudson’s First 50 Years” is a new exhibition that opened this past weekend at the Hudson Opera House) in Hudson NY. Featuring the work of nine photographers (myself included) via large format prints, plus an additional 500 images that will be shown on iPad’s, it celebrates the work of Scenic Hudson over the last 50 years in the Hudson Valley region.

What’s unique about this exhibition is that it will last the entire year and travel from venue to venue down the Hudson River, culminating in Grand Central Station in December. I was commissioned by Scenic Hudson to print and frame the entire exhibition, and we were fortunate to have Canson Infinity sponsor the show and supply all of the fine art paper. To make 40 prints from 9 photographers and keep everyone happy was quite a challenge, but I think we pulled it off rather well given the great reception at the opening of the show this past weekend. I’m working on another post with behind the scenes info, video and photos, and some of the technical challenges I faced working on this project. Hopefully it provides some useful information for others printing their own work – stay tuned.

FIially, I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank everyone who has left feedback and comments here and on Facebook on the birth of our new daughter. I really appreciate the great warmth and well wishes from each of you, and wanted to express my heartfelt thanks!

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