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Here’s a great presentation that John Paul Caponigro, son of famed photographer Paul Caponigro, gave recently at B&H Photo in NYC. John is a fantastic photographer, digital artist, teacher, and all around inspiring person who I always learn from whenever I hear him talk. What I enjoyed most about his presentation is the idea of having a creative process, and thinking about how it impacts your work. From drawing, storyboarding, writing, and meditation, his approach to a creative life is very much like my own, which means it encompasses who you are as a person, and not just when you’re out taking pictures.

Enjoy the video, and make sure to take notes! I use Penultimate on my iPad to jot down ideas, links, and small drawings that I can refer back to in the future.


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  1. I actually saw this a few weeks ago I subscribe to B&H’s youtube and thought his session was very informative. I also joined his newsletter which has many nuggets for photography.

  2. Thanks Robert. What a fascinating talk on taking your photography to the next level and giving yourself permission to break the rules. I appreciate you sharing it.


    1. Glad you liked it Virginia – lots of great info that can keep you thinking for quite a while, and hopefully improve your craft.


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