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I’m extremely proud and honored to have been interviewed on “Latinos Behind the Lens“, a new website promoting hispanic photographers and artists. While I have never really thought of myself as a “latino” photographer, I am proud of my heritage and more than  happy to help others regardless of their cultural or racial background.

While I was born and raised in NYC, both my parents were born in Puerto Rico and immigrated here as children. I suppose I was fortunate in the sense that because New York is such a melting pot of ethnicities, I learned to appreciate people for who they were as human beings, and that wisdom still serves me well today.

Anyhow, for more on my journey and some advice for new photographers, check out the article here.

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  1. Just read this article this morning, Robert, after seeing the link to it on Facebook. It was timely, because much of what you said I heard at your workshop, but hearing it again will help me as I try to convey the same message to my class over the next three Thursday evenings. Thanks for the inspiration!

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