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The recent Spring in Arches workshop was fun, educational, and a joy to be a part of. I had a great group of students to work with, all passionate about photography and nature, which is so important when working in a group setting. I always come away with a tremendous sense of gratitude for getting to do what I love. I tell students at the beginning of every workshop, “I feel that having all of you on the workshop is a privilege, and I take our time together very seriously. I’m not happy unless every one of you is happy.”

The weather was perfect all five days, and we photographed in great locations in Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, and other unique spots in the Moab area. We visited iconic landscapes, lesser known arches in remote locations, lush green canyons, and hiked many miles of amazing trails. I also scouted new locations for future workshops, so any returning students will always have something new to experience. Those who think the southwest has nothing new to offer are naively mistaken, the creative possibilities are endless.

Part of our “scouting” also involved finding good food, another reason I love Moab. Some of my favorites include EklectiCafe, Red Rock Cafe, Jailhouse Cafe, Paradox Pizza, Moonflower Market (for organic goods), and the ever popular Moab Brewery. I don’t drink, but I knew where to find the students after our sunset shoots!

I especially want to thank Spencer Loosli from Gura Gear who attended the workshop as well, and was kind enough to bring along some free give-aways for the students. Their new line of EtCetera cases are awesome, especially when managing all of your accessories on a workshop.

Finally, because I arrived a few days earlier, I did manage to make some of my own images, and I’ll share some of those in the coming days and weeks.

Share your thoughts, feedback, and questions below – I always enjoy interacting. Thanks for reading.

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