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I've often speak and write about the importance of visiting familiar landscapes repeatedly. But I think it's always worth repeating, and I need as much reminding as anyone. Here are some more reasons why I think it's a good idea.

  • It helps you see and appreciate the details, and for me nature photography is about the details.
  • The more you understand why you decided to make a specific image, the more you understand the details.
  • It pushes you to look beyond the obvious, and the more you visit, the more you challenge your vision and perceptions.
  • It teaches you patience.
  • It challenges your perseverance, or better yet, redefines your idea of it, for the better.
  • It makes you lucky.

A 24 x 36 Limited Edition print of “View from Pitching Point” is part of a new show opening this weekend at River Winds Gallery in Beacon, NY. Stop in if you're in the area and see the whole exhibition – the best way to view and experiecne photography is always on paper.


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