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I’m in Colorado for the week on a family trip, but also getting out as much as I can to photograph in Rocky Mountain National Park. I first visited in 2011 and have returned every year since. The combination of high mountain landscapes, pristine lakes, wildlife, and remote wilderness made it one of my favorite places to both hike in and photograph. I’m hoping to offer a [workshop]{} here in the near future, and so I’m spending time scouting and learning as much as I can about the park and it’s many photo opportunities.

Nymph Lake is but one of many similar lakes in this area that convey the amazing beauty and serenity of Rocky Mtn National Park. I setup my tripod in about six inches of water to get closer to the flower in the foreground. Key for me was not to blow out any highlights as the sun was really starting to get bright. By watching my histogram, I retained the detail in the brightest parts of the image, like the trees and sky, and used the shadow slider in Lightroom to recover some of the darker parts of the image. Yes I could have blended exposures, but I enjoy using shadows and highlights as compositional elements and the many aesthetic qualities they can add to an image. As I always tell my students, “whatever works for you is what you should focus on, everything else just gets in the way.”

I’m hoping to visit a few more lakes before I return, and I’ll share my photos here soon. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi,

    Glad to see you’re visiting one of my favorite places. I’ve shot a lot of film and digital there, some good, most bad, but I love working there. Mid-September is the finest, with elk all over town as well as in the hills. On a recent trip there, I shot one of my better shots, which I’d be happy to show you when you might email me at my new email address (above). Meanwhile, enjoy the family and the RMNP.


    1. Hi Bill – yes I really enjoyed RMNP and plan on visiting again in the winter for a different perspective and photo opportunities. I’d love to see your images, please send them via the contact form here on the site. Thanks!


  2. I can’t recall how I stumbled across your blog/website but I am glad I did. I love your thoughts, images and how you express yourself. I too love RMNP and have been there numerous times throughout the last 10 years. I am a teacher who loves to take pictures in my spare time. “Time” is what I lack but when I retire in the next 5 years, I hope to take one of your classes. Maybe you will offer one at RMNP then!? Also, I have read your latest book as well as your free book.

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