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Moab UT Canon 1DS Mk III f11 180 sec ISO 400 24mm EF24 105mm f4 L

“When you create images that reflect your vision of the world, the only rule is that there are no rules. No one cares what you did to the image to make it look the way it does; they care only that your image moves them. The viewer wants so much to believe in your image that he or she is willing to suspend all disbelief to take the journey.

What viewers do not want to see are the chalk marks of your post-processing, for if those are evident, their willing suspension of disbelief ceases. So when your image has some lemons, make lemonade; just do it so that no one can see the peels.” – Vincent Versace

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    1. Hi Michael – I’m a firm believer in interpretation, so it’s not the processing I focus on, but the end result. I don’t think people evaluate a photograph based on whether it’s been processed or not, but on whether it speaks to them (especially the buying public). When that condition fails, then everything else becomes evident…which is when we get into the questions about what was done and where. Now as to the extent of processing, see my recent post on photographic expectations.

      Each one of us has to decide hope best to create and present our work. That depends on your goals, attitudes, expectations, and overall reason for making pictures.

      One of the recommendations I give to aspiring photographers is to participate in an art show. All of the above becomes crystal clear…not so when we’re primarily interacting within our photographic communities. thanks for the feedback Mike!


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