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I’ve had the privelege and honor of working closely with Scenic Hudson for a few years now, and I’m proud to call most of their staff close friends. I’ve learned a great deal about conservation and the environment, and met many dedicated and inspiring people whose values are similar to my own when it comes to generosity, professionalism, and the importance of our natural resources. Working with Scenic Hudson has refined my understanding of photography as a language, and certainly pushed me into creative areas I might not have ventured into on my own. (My failure rate has also gone up as a consequence, but that’s part of the process!)

Below is the cover and a few inside pages from the 2013 Annual Report – many of the images are new properties Scenic Hudson has conserved throughout the year and I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit, appreciate, and photograph.






I was also involved in several other projects including the 50th Anniversary Photo Exhibition which ended in Grand Central Terminal in NYC last month. As part of the celebration, I was asked to produce a 5 minute slideshow presentation about Scenic Hudson’s past accomplishments and future vision. That quickly morphed into a more elaborate and complex video project when I added several time-lapse sequences and other live footage that are part of a larger personal project I’ve been working on for some time now.

I think the video really conveys the scope of what Scenic Hudson has been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time, and it inspires hope and optimism for the future in a very unpredictable world.

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If you photograph local landscapes, get involved with your community. Find out who might be able to use your skills as a photographer and story teller. If you don’t think that description fits you – think again. Anytime you make images you have the potential to convey something about your opinion and what you think is important. How you choose to harness that energy is up to you, but don’t take it for granted.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

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  1. One of my highlight of 2013 was the workshop i did with Robert. He is a fabulous photogtapher as well as a skilled teacher Not only does he understands all of the elements of photography but he has extadinary patience and the ability to listen and clearly explain the issues. I can’t wait to take more woorkshops with him

    1. Many thanks Bill for the kind and generous feedback – really appreciate your support as well and looking forward to another opportunity to spend time with you in nature!


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