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dfap book blogI’m really excited and proud to release my new ebook this weekend- Digital Fine Art Printing | Field Guide for Photographers. It’s a book I’ve wanted to write for quite some time, and I’m thrilled it’s finally here.

Sure there are some great books on the subject, but I felt there was a need for another resource that addressed basic concepts and practical fundamentals explained in a way that was easy to understand. Teaching printing workshops for over 5 years taught me that what students needed most was not advanced color theory, intricate Photoshop techniques, or printer specs. But rather a guide that would get anyone printing successfully and have fun doing it. And at the same time answer important basic questions like those surrounding choosing papers, choosing printers, and the printing workflow.

My experience with photography, and in fact anything at all, is that the only way to get good at something is to actually do it repeatedly. Printing is something you may shy away from because it seems the learning curve is so steep, you feel you’re fighting an uphill battle before you even open the box to your new printer.

I can understand completely because I was there myself many years ago. But I knew what I wanted to see in my prints, and that led me to learn just enough to get good results. From there I progressed at my own pace, and my prints and confidence in my skills improved as my experience grew. And I had fun as I learned!

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This book is my way of introducing you to printing in the same way, one step at a time. When you’re ready you can explore all the esoteric info out there. But developing a good foundation is critical for long term enjoyment and success.

I’m passionate about teaching and printing, I sincerely hope this book plays a positive role in your printing experiences.

Available in PDF, ePub (iPad, Mac), and Mobi (Kindle)  formats. 

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  1. Robert, I got my copy of the book yesterday and did a quick overview of it. Congratulations. It is clearly written and very helpful. Thanks. Will there be a forum for questions?

    1. Great to hear Judith, and thank you for your purchase and support. As for forums, I don’t have any definite plans for that but I do have some ideas in mind for addressing questions from readers…perhaps a webinar.


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