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I was recently asked to name some of the best landscape photographers working today, and as you can imagine it’s a difficult question. Luckily it was limited to “living” otherwise it would be almost impossible. I dislike “greatest” lists in general when it comes to artists because it often ignores nuance and originality that often get trumped by popularity.

So rather than do down that rabbit hole, I thought I would share a handful that I think are very much worth checking out for reasons having to do with overall body of work, influence, and longevity. They’ve all been inspirational for me, I think you’ll enjoy their work for sure.

**Bonus: Although not considered a “landscape photographer” in the traditional sense, Michael Kenna is an amazing photographer, and has been very influential for me over the years.

Book Recommendation – Capture the Magic

Need further inspiration? Jack Dykinga has recently released a new book titled “Capturing the Magic – Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition” which I picked up immediately and thoroughly enjoyed. Jack is a Pulitzer Prize (1971 Feature Photography) winning photographer that blends large format landscape art photography with documentary photojournalism. He is a regular contributor to Arizona Highways and National Geographic Magazines.

The book combines really great images with his perspective and approach to capturing nature and his passion for the subjects he shoots. And best of all , it’s a joy to read with clear, non-technical talk about what makes images work. What I enjoyed most was his emphasis on visual design and the fundamental principles of composition – light, color, form, and of course the ever important emotional component of the photographer. While these are often passed by in exchange for the latest fads and trends, Jack shows how they can always produce original and inspiring work in the hands of a master. Highly recommended.



“I suffer from a love affair with this planet. My camera is my ticket to a front row seat for the spectacle of nature. It has taught me to see with greater intensity, understand more deeply, and appreciate more fully the blue planet we call home.” – Excerpt From: Jack Dykinga. “Capture the Magic.” iBooks.

Get a copy here

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  1. Thank you for recommending Capture The Magic. I love the book. It is easy to read and more importantly, contains so much valuable information.

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