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Bill Bogle has a nice blog post on his website about his past experiences with photo workshops. He’s been on several of mine, and I am very grateful and appreciative of his positive thoughts and recommendations.

I’ve written many times about why I think workshops are a great way to accelerate your photography skills. They provide a concentrated, focused environment that is hard to duplicate in every day life. In terms of how I approach workshops, I believe they should also provide so much more.

Gratitude towards the beauty of nature, a sense of how each of us can express that creatively and uniquely, and how that can translate to making life richer and more meaningful in general. Ambitious ideals and goals for sure. But I’ve learned that making just one meaningful photograph can be the start of this worthwhile journey.

These are just some of the things I try to teach in every workshop, and Bill was there supporting me from the very beginning. Thank you Bill for helping me grow as a photographer and teacher.

Read his article and see some his latest workshop in Bryce National Park.

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  1. Thanks for this post and the link to Bill’s great blog, Robert! I’ve met him (through you) but haven’t seen his work before. He gives great advice on workshops.

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