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One of the features I use extensively when making prints in Adobe Lightroom is the Identity Plate, which allows you to easily place your name or logo on all of your prints. It creates a very professional looking presentation, and also helps promote your name as a photographer.

I almost always print my logo at the bottom of every print, even if I’m going to mat and frame it. If the print is ever removed from the frame, my logo is there to verify it was printed by me since I’m the only person with access to the original logo file. And best of all, as the video shows, it’s super easy to do and save as a template for future use. You can even save several identity plates for different uses such as logos, symbols, website, name, etc. I use different identity plates depending in whether I’m making standard prints, notecards, folios, or other products I create from my images.


Watch the video below to see how easy it is to do the same for your prints. Comments or feedback, please let me know below!

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