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final-cover-3dI’m really excited to announce that my new book “Insights from the Creative Path: Find Meaning, Fulfill Your Vision” is finally out!

It’s a continuation of my first book, Insights from Beyond the Lens, where I take you further along the creative journey I’ve experienced as a landscape photographer. While it does offer some technical information, it’s more about the why than the how. That’s a question that is lacking in today’s world of photography, but can unlock so much of your creative potential.

It’s a book I’ve been working on for the past two years and composed mainly of blog posts I’ve written here. I didn’t just copy the articles, however, but re-wrote many of them, and organized them into themes to create a better narrative about the things I’m most passionate about; creativity, inspiration, and vision. It’s also about how you can start to apply those themes in the field.

In many ways it’s a book about more than just photography, it’s my attempt to distill what it means to integrate creativity into your life without division or separation. It’s a mindset that enables you to expand your vision regardless of whether you have a camera in your hand or not. In that sense, I hope it appeals not only to nature photographers, but anyone who wants to explore the creative path.


The book is available here on this website in PDF, Mobi, and iBooks formats, and also on


Buy the book on this site and also receive as a bonus – 3 Creative Guide Companion Guides that give you more resources to develop the most creative life possible.


I’m really excited about this book, and while sales are encouraging and helpful, my real goal is help you live a more fulfilled, creative life. If you’re passionate about photography or art in general, then creating meaningful work is really all that matters.

Thanks for your support and for continuing to motivate me to share my thoughts and ideas here on the blog.

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  1. 2nd try at comment; I have received your e-mails for several years. Your last one offered a chance to purchase your e-book. I tried to buy it several times & could not. It states it does not know my e-mail address, the same one that receives all your messages & offers. I am— Please contact me at that address so I can complete the purchase thank you Richard Melville

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