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Great photographer and fellow Canson ambassador Jay Seldin has a new photo book based on his many trips to Cuba that I think is worthy of your support. He’s self-publishing it on Kickstarter, and I think it’s a great addition to any photographer’s library. “The Cubans” is a book of 80 black and white photographs, celebrating the Cuban people, their lives, and their cultures.

Regardless of what type of photography you like, there are many things to learn from Jay’s work. He’s a documentary social photographer with a great sensitivity to both his subjects and the art of storytelling. When used effectively, which Jay surely does, it brings a deeper understanding of the people and cultures he photographs.

I’ve known Jay for a few years and have seen his black and white prints at his studio and at various Canson trade shows we’ve exhibited in together. They have always left a lasting impression on me. I’ve also been inspired by his dedication to the art and craft of photography, and by his vision in what he tries to convey in his pictures

The publishing industry today is as difficult as it has ever been for photographers and photo art books, so it’s great to see Jay taking advantage of self-publishing and Kickstarter to fund his book.

I urge you to check it out learn something from a master photographer.

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