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Composition is a topic that I think is hugely misunderstood, and most challenging to the majority of the students I work with. I also think its not emphasized enough, perhaps because there’s nothing to sell. Frankly it’s a difficult subject to understand, never mind teach, but every once in a while I find something worth reading or watching.

Photographer Ian Plant recently gave a talk titled “Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition” for B&H Photo Video that I think has lots of good useful information to help improve your composition. His images are also worth checking out and you can see more of them at his website here.
It’s great to see other photographers emphasizing the importance of good visual design, and Ian’s presentation is excellent. Enjoy.

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  1. Good talk but as in most presentations the photos reflect exotic locations rather than everyday subjects. I prefer to see locations I can relate to. You couldn’t really go too far wrong with the stark beauty of Namibia.

  2. Ian Plant s Visual Flow ebook teaches photographers to see the world in ways never before imagined and create compelling c photographs that stand out. Ian Plant has done the best job I have seen in explaining the secrets of good composition.

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