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On Landscape is a great subscription based online magazine based out of the UK, and I really love their focus on photographers, photography, and promoting the art of landscape photography.

I was recently asked by their editor to write an article for their “End Frame” column. It involves selecting a favorite photograph by another photographer and explaining why I made that selection. When I first thought about it, I found it an almost impossible task, akin to selecting a favorite song. But just like there have been influential musicians in my music career, David Muench came to mind as soon as I thought about photographers whose landscape work inspired my imagination to new creative possibilities.

The End Frame articles are free to read, so you can see my selection and read the entire article here. 

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  1. Greetings from Venezuela Robert! This is a great article. I also identified with you completely. In the late 70s, I played congas with salsa band. I also imitated best conga player from Puerto Rico. I learned to do so by practicing and practicing for a few years. It is the same way, I did with landscape photography. When I complete my graduate studies in foreign language teaching, I realized that three shared a common element, language. The ultimate goal of any language is communication. Thank you for magnificent articles. Here in Venezuela we don’t have much access to either buy books or subscriptions to professional journal. I look forward to reading your excellent, inspiring articles. Muchas gracias and keep writing and shooting. My very best wishes, Arturo.

  2. I also wanted to add that language (or images or music, to name some examples) is the most observable tool and measurement of any human being’s thought processes. The more you refine the use of this tool, the more critical thinker, better photographer, great music player, and so on you can become. For more information on this topic I suggest reading James Werth, Lev Vygotsky, among other authors that support Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

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